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Developing A Plan for Disaster

The plan shown here is an example of how you can make your own plan for disaster. If its fits your area, then you can follow it step by step, if not then please improvise accordingly.

LEARNING What CAN HAPPEN in your area

  • Contact the organizations which are listed at the front end of the booklet. They are able to provide you with the telephone numbers to your neighborhood chapter who is able to let you know what disasters can happen in your area.
  • Uncover what your community’s warning signals are, what they appear to be and everything you should do once you hear them.
  • Find out about the disaster plans at the job, school, daycare along with other places where your loved ones spends time.
  • When you have animals, learn about animal care. They could not be allowed occasionally after and during a disaster.
  • Learn how to help older people and disabled.

Develop a DISASTER Plan for your family

  • Meet with your loved ones and discuss what forms of disasters can happen locally and how to proceed.
  • Discuss the steps of evacuation.
  • Choose 2 places to meet up family
    1. Outside your home if members are home.
    2. Outside town in the event you can’t reach your house. (City park, church, school play ground, etc.)
  • Ask an out-of-state relative or friend to become your family’s “Contact Person”. Following a disaster, communications could be difficult. Often it is better to complete to your contact person from state than to produce a local call. If your loved ones members become separated in a tragedy, keep these things call this person and tell them where they’re and when all is well using them.

Practice and Keep MAINTAINING your Plan

  • Conduct fire and emergency evacuation drills.
  • Quiz your loved ones every half a year so that they don’t forget.
  • Ensure that you recharge fire extinguishers.
  • Check/rotate food & water within your evacuation-kit every six months.
  • Test smoke detectors monthly. Change batteries every six months.
  • Be sure you always remain calm. Panic causes accidents.

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