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Defense Or Offense

When you’re confronted with an impending catastrophe the question frequently becomes
“should I remain or must i go ?”

There is really no definitive solution, because it all hangs on “what’s coming” and how prepared you’re to cope with it. Your geographical area, and the constitute of your family may also be key factors. You’ve all observed the pictures on the news headlines from the stalwart New Englanders, or laissez faire “Conchs” in Essential West, who won’t leave when confronted with a Hurricane, even when they come in a required evacuation zone. Occasionally they do they right thing, along with other times – there have been tragic results.

The main point is, prior to deciding to remain (defense) or move out (offense) in virtually any given crisis, you need to be ready to accomplish either. Which means if you opt to stay, you much better learn how to hunker straight down and ready your home against assault, both by OUR MOTHER EARTH and Mother Fuc*ers, and when you choose to escape dodge you’ve got a place to proceed, and a safe solution to get there.

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